About Our Company


ARAZPLAST is a comparatively young firm but it has already occupied its place in the market of insulating production. We suggest a broad spectrum of materials from foamed polyethylene.

Today we are able to satisfy a major part of demands of constructors and riggers in isolating materials from high-qualified foamed polyethylene.

You can choose necessary material following from required technical features and optimum relationship “price\quality”.

For today assortment of our production is used for:

    Warming of walls, ceilings, roof, garrets, attics and basements;
    Pipeline sheathing, capacities and fittings in water and heating systems;
    Isolation of facilities in bath-houses and saunas;
    Isolation of technological equipment of food, oil-gas producing spheres of industry;
    Isolation of bodies of cars and lorries;
    Sound insulation;
    For production of consumer goods, tourism, etc.

Raw stock of local production is used in the plant prepared in “ARAZPLAST” that substantially reduces cost price of final production and at the same time allows producing high qualified isolating materials. Oil of Azeri Light mark-one of the most qualified oil marks which is used in preparing of raw stock in “ARAZPLAST” plant.

Growth of prices on energy recourses leads to necessity of reducing of heat lost, and also maintaining of required technological production process, especially in winter. That is why inexpensive, qualified and environmentally appropriate heat insulation is one of the perspective directions of power supply.